"I’m afraid to love you. And I’m afraid to be loved by you. Because for all I know, a month, two months, maybe even a year down the road, you could find someone better, or go back to what you had before. I could turn out to be just a space filler. A bookmark. A bump in your road. Somebody that turned into a no body to you. You. The person I love more than anything."
– (via jesslve)
Anonymous asked:
Whats do you think about a relationship between a scorpio and a gemini? Annnd can you make a gif set?:) I love your Blog, it's absolutly amazing❤️

Don’t do compatibility.

Thank you darling xx X

Anonymous asked:
Is it normal, (as an aries) that I find life completely useless because I have no one to love and no one really love me? I just sit there and the routine is haunting me, I don't have the motivation to do something good with my life, until I find love?

No, until you give yourself a goal, until you realize that life is just passing by your eyes and you are doing nothing, so just do anything, you wanted to read that book, well take it and read it, wanted to go for a walk by yourself, do it, do a lot of small things that you always wanted to, it is very fulfilling, and love will come on its own.

I know love is a very important part of a human being’s life, but if you don’t find yourself first, love your life, doing the things you want, the little things which later will have a lot of meaning, love comes on its own.

I’m sure it will.By the way it is totally normal for us, we get ourselves down very often deep inside us, nobody can notice but we are crashing down, but then at least with me something clicks and I realize that I shouldn’t be wasting my life by just thinking negative thoughts, but realizing the little things I’ve always wanted to.And I also thought I’d never fall in love again, and guess what this summer, a very special guy appeared to me, he found me.And it is wonderful.

I wish you the best of luck, and you really should feel what I wrote not just read it.Please do, you deserve happiness, everyone does. :) x

melithuh asked:
If the sun is exalted in aries, does that mean the ideal position of the sun is aries therefore making aries the best sun sign to be born under ;)

Haha, nice one ;p